 February 2013: Discussion about the deportation project at Radio Trinitas, broadcasted at the talk show „Files of culture“ moderated by Cătălin Raiu. 

17 July 2013: The avant-premiere of the documentary at the international sympozium „Stalinization and destalinization“ organized by IICCMER and Radu Negru Foundation of Făgăraş at Sâmbăta de Sus. 

17 September 2013: Short presentation of the documentary and the project during the international conference L’état des lieux en sciences sociales. Vingt ans après, organized by Ecole Doctorale Francophone en Sciences Sociales with the support of Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie and University of Bucharest. 

16 October 2013: Discussion about the documentary and the deportation phenomenon: The talk show « Dialog 100% » moderated by Claudius Dociu at WYLTV Prahova. The TV channel also broadcasted the documentary. 

7 November 2013, official premiere of the documentary at National Museum of Romanian Peasant. The large audience, more than 300 persons, had the opportunity to question the directors of the documentary. 

15 November 2013, premiere of the documentary at Barbu Ştirbei amphitheater of Departmental Council of Călăraşi. The audience was formed by former deportees, local personalities and pupils from local high schools. The news of documentary premiere was transmitted by the local TV station, Antena 1 Calarasi. 

10 December 2013, the documentary was broadcasted at IICCMER. 

11 December 2013, the documentary was broadcasted at Parliament Palace. Preceeded by a debate animated by Radu Ciuceanu, director of Institute for the Study of Totalitarianism. 

19 January 2014, documentary showing at Casa Praznicar of Sf. Nicolae Church of Câmpina. The discussions following the show were animated by important personalities such as Raluca Ioana Voicu-Arnăuţoiu, Christian Mititelu, Petru Moga and the writer Codruţ Constantinescu. 

31 January 2014, discussion about our project at Radio France International with anchorman Dan Pârvu who moderate the ArtCultura radio show. 